SapphoFest 2010 Moves to Nafplio with Donovan & Scholars

by Chris Murray on June 28, 2010

The launch of Donovan’s Sapphographs in Athens was remarkable. Along with Donovan’s opening reception, memories danced in my mind of the beautiful ‘poet’s lunch’ hosted by Gregory Nagy at Ouzadiko, the extraordinary Greek restaurant in Kolonaki. Another evening we went to an elegant and lively dinner at the magnificent Athens mansion of Chrysanthi and Dino Routzouni and their sons. Donovan charmed the guests with his songs after dinner. Sitting at my table was the delightful Athens art dealer Liana Scourles and the gracious olive oil tycoon Marina Ofloudi-Giavroglou. Another remarkable highlight was a visit to the new Acropolis Museum, an experience not to be forgotten.

The Acropolis Museum.

A few days earlier I had been to Nafplio just for the day with the dynamic duo of Zoie Lafis and Robin Olson from the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, to install the Sapphographs. Now we all boarded a private bus for the two-hour drive from Athens to Nafplio. Half way to Nafplio we crossed over the incredible Corinthian Canal. As the bus drove down the country roads, Donovan and Gypsy Dave were singing songs while the scholars were pointing out important ancient sites along the way. It was a rollicking good time.

The Corinthian Canal.

As we arrived in Nafplio , we were enlivened by the blue sea, the fresh air, and the beautiful mountains. We were to open the second exhibition of Donovan’s Sapphographs on June 4th at Harvard’ Center for Hellenic Studies in Nafplio , as well as attend a series of lectures by Gregory Nagy and the scholars from SapphoFest 2010. Donovan and I were eagerly anticipating the scholars presentations as we were unable to attend them in Athens as Donovan’s press schedule took up his entire day there. The lectures in Nafplio were extraordinary and left everyone inspired. Here is a list of those lectures:

• Gregory Nagy, Professor at Harvard University and Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies in
Washington, DC. Opening lecture; “Sappho the Musical Diva.”
• Timothy Powers, Professor at Rutgers University. Lecture; “Sappho and the Citharodes.”
• Olga Broumas, Professor at Brandeis University. Lecture and poetry reading; “What One Loves.”
• John Franklin, Professor at Vermont University, and Stylianos Psaroudakis, Professor at the University
of Athens. Lecture and performance; “Ancient Music.”
• Leonard Muellner. Professor Brandeis University. Lecture; “Love, Even Not Willing.”

Here are a few photos from Nafplio:
Harvard’s Center For Hellenic Studies In Nafplio.

Sapphograph exhibtion opening in Nafplio.

Poet Olga Broumas with Revolver’s Braxton Carter.

Installation of the Young Maiden Sapphograph series.

Donovan and his wife Linda crossing the plaza as seen from the Center for Hellenic Studies.

Sculptor Gyp Mills and curator Chris Murray confering on a beautiful day in Nafplio.

John Franklin presenting his lecture on Ancient Music.

Lunch in Nafplio with Doug, Lenny, Mimi, Greg and Robin.

The view from the plaza in Nafplio.
All images Copyright © Christiann Moore. All Rights Reserved.

There were also dance performances especially created for SapphoFest… but more about that later.

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