Walter Iooss Exhibition at Newseum

by Chris Murray on October 2, 2009

Walter Iooss: Havana, Cuba

Today’s Weekend section of the Washington Post announces the October 9th opening of photographer Walter Iooss’s exhibition Athlete: The Sports Illustrated Photography of Water Iooss at the Newseum in Washington DC. Govinda Gallery has organized a number of exhibitions of Iooss’s legendary photographs, including Classic Baseball (April 2003) and Classic Golf (May 2004) at Govinda Gallery in Georgetown. In March of 2004, Govinda Gallery collaborated with Fototeca De Cuba in Havana to present Iooss’s Classic Baseball exhibition in Cuba. Many Cuban baseball players from past and present attended the exhibition’s opening. The exhibition was very much appreciated by the Cuban people. This photograph was taken by Walter Iooss on a street corner in Havana in 1999. Iooss has referred to this photograph as perhaps his “perfect picture.”

Photo Copyright © Walter Iooss, Jr. All rights reserved.

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  1. Janet Bruce says:

    The back room blog on Govinda presents a history in the making and beautifully illustrates the concept of “gambari”, translated from Japanese to mean perserverance, on 34th Street, David’s rooted rocking ground. Cheers! Janet

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