Muhammad Ali at Govinda Gallery

by Chris Murray on September 18, 2009

Muhammad Ali at Govinda Gallery

Muhammad Ali getting ready for a book signing at Govinda Gallery in Washington, D.C., to launch Howard Bingham’s exhibition of photographs Muhammad Ali: A Thirty Year Journey. This exhibition celebrated Govinda Gallery’s 20th Anniversary on September 21, 1995. In the photograph next to Ali is gallery director Chris Murray with his son David Murray.

Photo Copyright © Chester Simpson. All rights reserved.

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1 response to “Muhammad Ali at Govinda Gallery”

  1. Chris,
    Fantastic photograph of you and David.


  2. […] a dynamic pairing of images of two truly extraordinary personalities. It was a great pleasure for Govinda Gallery to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in September of 1995 with an exhibition of Howard Bingham’s photographs of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad attended the […]

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