Govinda Gallery at National Harbor Exhibition for Jet Magazine Photographer Lamonte McLemore  //

Opening night at Fifth Dimension singer’s photography exhibition.

Sound Kapital: Beijing’s Music Underground Exhibition and Book Launch at Govinda Gallery  //

Events surrounding Matthew Niederhauser’s photography exhibition and book launch at Govinda Gallery.

Ozzy Osbourne with Govinda Gallery Manager David Murray at the Ritz  //

Beatles fan Ozzy Osbourne looking at Beatles photographs in Washington, D.C.

Walter Iooss Exhibition at Newseum  //

Today’s section of the Washington Post announces the October 9th opening of photographer Walter Iooss’s exhibition Athlete: The Sports Illustrated Photography of Water Iooss at the Newseum.

Andy Warhol Book Signing at Govinda Gallery  //

Andy Warhol being photographed by Washington Post photographer Lucian Perkins at Govinda Gallery.

Legendary Photographers and Curator at Govinda Dinner Party  //

Doug Kirkland, David Burnett, and Mary Panzer share a laugh.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at Govinda Gallery  //

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and collector Anthony Shriver at Govinda Gallery.

Ronnie Wood Celebrates His First Exhibition  //

Govinda Gallery hosts the first exhibition in America for Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Annie Leibovitz on the phone at Govinda Gallery  //

Annie Leibovitz in the office of Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray during preparations for her first exhibition.

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