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The Magical Mystery Hour Interview on “George Harrison: Be Here Now” from Rizzoli  //

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s  #1 album All Things Must Pass. Today author and curator Chris Murray will give a live interview about his recently published book of Barry Feinstein’s amazing photographs, George Harrison: Be Here Now (Rizzoli), on The Magical Mystery Hour radio show in Cleveland, hosted […]

“George Harrison: Be Here Now”  //

This month is the 50th anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s masterpiece All Things Must Pass, on November 27th, 1970. That recording remains the best selling album by a Beatle to this day and showcased the musical genius of George Harrison. Rizzoli has just published a stunning book, George Harrison: Be Here Now, which […]

Book Launch in Ireland For ‘The Pure Drop’ by Carlotta Hester  //

There was a brilliant book launch in Ireland last month for The Pure Drop, Carlotta Hester’s book of drawings of traditional Irish musicians, singers, and dancers, and featuring a foreword by Alice McDermott. It took place on a beautiful sunny Sunday in Cavan town’s Market Square, with over a dozen musical artists performing. It was […]

Opening Night at Ted Russell’s Exhibition of Bob Dylan Photographs  //

The sidewalk was overflowing outside of Addison/Ripley Gallery in Washington for the launch of LIFE photographer Ted Russell’s photographs of Bob Dylan from 1961 – 1964. They are stunning images of the young genius on the rise. All photos by Carlotta Hester and Govinda Gallery archive.

Bob Dylan, Ted Russell, LIFE, and Charles Van Doren  //

Gerde’s Folk City, 1961. Photo by Ted Russell. This Saturday April 27th Ted Russell’s remarkable exhibition of Bob Dylan photos in New York City from 1961-1964 opens at Addison/Ripley in Georgetown. The exhibition continues through June 1st. Charles Van Doren recently passed away. Ralph Fiennes played Van Doren in the film, Quiz Show, which was nominated […]

Bill Adair, Brian Jackson, Montserrat House, and 4/20  //

Bill Adair‘s Golden Doors to Infinity opens April 20th at Montserrat House. Adair and Govinda Gallery director, Chris Murray, brought over a dozen of Adair’s Golden Doors to Montserrat House this week for the installation. It was a great surprise and pleasure to meet the musical genius, Brian Jackson, at Montserrat House. Jackson was doing some […]

Mark Giaimo’s Paintings at Susan Calloway with Photographs from Govinda Gallery  //

  Painter and musician, Mark Giaimo, opened his exhibition of new paintings “Between Rock and A Hard Place”, last Friday at Susan Calloway Gallery in Georgetown. It was a packed house.   Susan Calloway invited Govinda Gallery to include a selection of notable photographs of musical artists as part of the exhibition and to accompany […]

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