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People Magazine, Bob Dylan, Ted Russell and Govinda Gallery  //

People Magazine celebrated Bob Dylan’s birthday this week with an in depth look at Ted Russell’s photographs of Dylan, including the first professional photographs taken of Dylan in November of 1961, just before the release of his first album. Writer Sam Gillette interviews Chris Murray about LIFE photographer Ted Russell and his now historic images […]

Sally Grossman R.I.P….”Bringing It All Back Home”  //

Govinda Gallery showed Daniel Kramer’s enigmatic color photograph of Bob Dylan with Sally Grossman lounging behind him, in Kramer’s first exhibition in the spring of 1991. The image was also shown at the inaugural exhibition at Seattle’s Experience Music Project Artist to Icon in 2001, the Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis in […]

People Magazine, George Harrison, Barry Feinstein and Govinda Gallery  //

This story was published by People magazine on February 25th, 2021, on the occasion of George Harrison’s birthday. By Sam Gillette | February 25, 2021 06:05 PM Since the 1980s, Chris Murray has championed the genre now known as “rock photography” — most recently, images of the famous English musician, George Harrison, who helped change […]

The Magical Mystery Hour Interview on “George Harrison: Be Here Now” from Rizzoli  //

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s  #1 album All Things Must Pass. Today author and curator Chris Murray will give a live interview about his recently published book of Barry Feinstein’s amazing photographs, George Harrison: Be Here Now (Rizzoli), on The Magical Mystery Hour radio show in Cleveland, hosted […]

“George Harrison: Be Here Now”  //

This month is the 50th anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s masterpiece All Things Must Pass, on November 27th, 1970. That recording remains the best selling album by a Beatle to this day and showcased the musical genius of George Harrison. Rizzoli has just published a stunning book, George Harrison: Be Here Now, which […]

Book Launch in Ireland For ‘The Pure Drop’ by Carlotta Hester  //

There was a brilliant book launch in Ireland last month for The Pure Drop, Carlotta Hester’s book of drawings of traditional Irish musicians, singers, and dancers, and featuring a foreword by Alice McDermott. It took place on a beautiful sunny Sunday in Cavan town’s Market Square, with over a dozen musical artists performing. It was […]

Opening Night at Ted Russell’s Exhibition of Bob Dylan Photographs  //

The sidewalk was overflowing outside of Addison/Ripley Gallery in Washington for the launch of LIFE photographer Ted Russell’s photographs of Bob Dylan from 1961 – 1964. They are stunning images of the young genius on the rise. All photos by Carlotta Hester and Govinda Gallery archive.

Bob Dylan, Ted Russell, LIFE, and Charles Van Doren  //

Gerde’s Folk City, 1961. Photo by Ted Russell. This Saturday April 27th Ted Russell’s remarkable exhibition of Bob Dylan photos in New York City from 1961-1964 opens at Addison/Ripley in Georgetown. The exhibition continues through June 1st. Charles Van Doren recently passed away. Ralph Fiennes played Van Doren in the film, Quiz Show, which was nominated […]

Bill Adair, Brian Jackson, Montserrat House, and 4/20  //

Bill Adair‘s Golden Doors to Infinity opens April 20th at Montserrat House. Adair and Govinda Gallery director, Chris Murray, brought over a dozen of Adair’s Golden Doors to Montserrat House this week for the installation. It was a great surprise and pleasure to meet the musical genius, Brian Jackson, at Montserrat House. Jackson was doing some […]

Mark Giaimo’s Paintings at Susan Calloway with Photographs from Govinda Gallery  //

  Painter and musician, Mark Giaimo, opened his exhibition of new paintings “Between Rock and A Hard Place”, last Friday at Susan Calloway Gallery in Georgetown. It was a packed house.   Susan Calloway invited Govinda Gallery to include a selection of notable photographs of musical artists as part of the exhibition and to accompany […]

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