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Muhammad Ali’s Last Ride and Memorial Service in Louisville: Round 3  //

Muhammad Ali with Angelo Dundee, Miami 1964 © Howard Bingham For some years I have told a few close friends that I would like to be at Muhammad Ali’s funeral when he passed on. Wouldn’t you know it that the champ himself arranged that for me and millions of his fans and friends around the […]

Muhammad Ali and Howard Bingham at Govinda Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition: Round 2  //

Muhammad Ali greeting David Murray with Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray looking on. © Govinda Gallery Archive When Howard Bingham told me a couple of weeks before the start of his exhibition at Govinda Gallery that Ali was going to attend the opening and sign books with him, I could hardly believe it. I said […]

Muhammad Ali, Howard Bingham, Greg Gorman, The White House, and Govinda Gallery: Round I  //

Lewiston, Maine, 1965. After knocking out Sunny Liston. © Howard Bingham I was a steadfast fan and very blessed to also be a friend of Muhammad Ali. I was fortunate to share a number of pastimes with Ali but it all began for me with Ali’s best friend for life photographer Howard Bingham. One day […]

Mati Klarwein, Miles Davis, and Santana  //

Artist and Model (1959) © Mati Klarwein. It was 33 years ago this month that Govinda Gallery hosted Mati Klarwein’s first solo exhibition in Washington, D.C., “Portraits” in May 1983 and “Not So Still Lives” in June 1987. Govinda Gallery also arranged numerous portrait commissions for Mati during the 80s and 90s. He was my […]

Dylan’s Crucial Year  //

“Dylan’s crucial year” is the title of American Photo’s feature story on Daniel Kramer and his photographs of Bob Dylan in the spring issue, 2001. The fully illustrated story written by Jack Crager goes on to say that “Daniel Kramer captured the quintessential Bob Dylan by photographing him during the most productive year of the […]

Carnegie Hall’s 125th, Sunshine Superman’s 50th, and The Rolling Stones 1st in NYC  //

It was 125 years ago today that Carnegie Hall opened its doors. I saw my first concert there, Ray Charles and his Orchestra. I also saw the Rolling Stones first concert in New York City at Carnegie Hall. It’s one of the best concert venues in the world. If you’ve never attended a concert at […]

Sappho and J.C. Zenea, poets memorialized in Cuba  //

I was walking up the lovely Prado in Havana from the Malecon when I came upon a stunning sculpture dedicated to the Cuban poet and artist J.C. Zenea (1832-1871), and to the great lyric poet from ancient Greece, Sappho. The Cuban poet and revolutionary J.C. Zenea who is honored in the monument, was executed by […]

New York Times Review of David Claerbout exhibition highlights “King” based on Wertheimer’s photograph of Elvis  //

I was delighted to read the review today in the New York Times of genius artist David Claerbout and his exhibition at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York City. The review highlights Claerbouts installation “King,” which is based on Alfred Wertheimer’s 1956 photo of Elvis Presley at his home with family on Audobon Drive in […]

Maybe I should fuel-up the ‘Lisa Marie’…  //

On April 20 the Savannah Morning News published an editorial cartoon by Mark Streeter that depicts Elvis in heaven reading a headline in the newspaper about the Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer exhibition in Savannah at the Telfair Museum. You Oughta Be in Pictures © Mark Streeter/Savannah Morning News Elvis muses that maybe […]

Elvis and Wertheimer in Savannah, Georgia and New York City  //

The Stare © Estate of Alfred Wertheimer It’s a great time for Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs of Elvis Presley. A major exhibition of Wertheimer’s photographs Elvis at 21 opens this Friday at the Telfair Museum in Savannah, the first exhibition of Wertheimer’s photographs since his passing away. If you happen to be near Savannah guest curator […]

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