From taking live shots of the Exodus tour in 1977 and the Kaya album cover, to recording candid and personal moments offstage, Kate Simon had unique access to the Wailers up until Bob Marley’s death in 1981. During that time, she created a visual archive of extraordinary depth and quality, documenting the life of one of the most influential musical artists of all time

Presented in honor of the legend’s upcoming 60th birthday, this exhibition also celebrates the publication of Rebel Music: Bob Marley & Roots Reggae, a limited edition volume from Genesis Publications, Ltd. This limited edition book is available for $395, through Govinda Gallery. With Simon’s anecdotes and contributions from such figures as Junior Marvin, Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Neville Garrick, Chris Blackwell, and Patti Smith, among others, as well as previously unpublished interviews with Joe Strummer and Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rebel Music presents a unique and comprehensive tribute to one of the most important movements in contemporary music. Each copy is signed by Kate Simon and many of the over 400 photographs have never been published before.

Kate Simon’s photographs possess the atmosphere of those times—the pain and the glory of their revolutionary dream. Kate shot in an honest, direct manner. A fellow worker, she could be found in the trenches with her trusted black body Nikon F-2. She did not seek to expose, but to shoot the picture her subject pictured—the joyful, mutable moments. How fortunate we are to have these images, for they were taken at a time when we were happily swept by a wave, a surge of human optimism, that was infused in the humble heart of a music dubbed ‘reggae.’

 —Patti Smith, Rebel Music, 2004

Beautiful, beautiful pictures; bring back memories by the score. Everybody firing in their primes…Yeah, primetime. It’s wonderful. She did a good job. The public needs to see these pictures, I know that.

— Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Rebel Music, 2004

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