5th St. Gym, Miami Beach, October 1970

Neil Leifer is credited with over 200 covers fo Sports Illustrated, Time, and People. He has also produced eleven books, and works as a film director for short and feature length films.

Leifer's classic image of Muhammad Ali defeating Sonny Liston in May 1965 is considered one of the greatest photographs of the twentieth century. Photographing and traveling the world with Ali for over forty years he has compiled an extraordinary photographic archive of one of the most important personalities of our time. Leifer has said that, "Ali is the perfect subject. He loves the camera and the camera loves him." This is Leifer's third exhibition at Govinda Gallery and will feature many of the most significant images from his extensive archive of photographs of Muhammad Ali, as well as many photographs never seen before.

This exhibition celebrates the publication of G.O.A.T (The Greatest of All Time) Taschen 2004. Neil Leifer is one of the two principal photographers in this monumental volume, four years in the making, and the most comprehensive study of Muhammad Ali to date. G.O.A.T features nearly 800 pages of archival and original photographs, graphic artwork, articles, and essays, many of them previously unpublished. Chronicling six decades of Ali's life in stunning detail, the book features written contributions from hundreds of writers as well as over 3000 photographs of Ali's life. Each copy of G.O.A.T is personally signed by Muhammad Ali and is available through the gallery.

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