Your Invitation to “Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964” Photographs by Ted Russell

by Chris Murray on April 5, 2019

                    About to go onstage, Gerde’s Folk City, Greenwich Village. 1961. Photo by Ted                                        Russell.

Exhibition information.


                    Suze Rittolo and Bob Dylan, 161 W 4th St. 1961. Photo by Ted Russell.

Dylan at his typewriter, 161 W 4th St. 1964. Photo by Ted Russell.

                   Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 by Ted Russell with Chris Murray

Copies of Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 (Rizzoli) will be available at Addison/Ripley Fine Art.

                   Getting a taxi on 4th st. in Greenwich village. 1964. Photo by Ted Russell.


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