Patti Smith: American Artist, and Frank Stefanko

by Chris Murray on June 5, 2017

Patti Smith American Artist Patti Smith: American Artist.

A new paperback edition of Patti Smith: American Artist, featuring Frank Stefanko’s beautiful photos of Patti, was just published and is available through Amazon and bookstores everywhere. The new edition features a foreward by Patti Smith, an introduction by Lenny Kaye and an afterword by the book’s editor, Chris Murray.

Govinda Gallery held the first exhibition of Frank Stefanko’s classic photos of Patti. Stefanko’s photographs of Patti Smith are available through Govinda Gallery.

The Portal, Frank Stefanko, New York, 1974. Patti Smith, New York, 1974. Photograph by Frank Stefanko.

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