“History has been made!” – Bobby Parker

by Chris Murray on April 15, 2011

In honor of Fernando Sandoval’s exhibition Bustin’ Loose Govinda Gallery hosted a jam session featuring several of the musical artists featured in Sandoval’s photographs of Washington area Rhythm & Blues musicians. It was a magical time at the Georgetown gallery. Linwood Taylor, Memphis Gold, and Black Magic started the jam with some extraordinary playing. Black Magic’s soulful harmonica blended so beautifully with the tasty riffs from Taylor and Memphis Gold. Soul singer extraordinaire Selena McDay joined the jam and shook the rafters. Both invited guests and people walking by packed the gallery for the last day of Sandoval’s exhibition. Then, to top it all off, the one and only Bobby Parker walked in the door with his guitar, plugged it in and let loose on a set of incredible R & B tunes. It is the legendary Bobby Parker who The Beatles credit with the riff for their number one song I Feel Fine, inspired by Parker’s 1961 hit Watch Your Step. In the documentary film John Lennon’s Jukebox from 2004, John Lennon says “The lick you’ll recognize (Watch Your Step) because I’ve used it, and all The Beatles have used it in various forms”. It was a great gathering of these extraordinary musicians and was in fact the first time that they had all jammed together. As Bobby Parker declared as the the session ended, “History has been made!”

Linwood Taylor, Black Magic (Horace Turner), gallery director Chris Murray, Bobby Parker, and Memphis Gold (Chester Chandler) at Govinda Gallery. Copyright © Fernando Sandoval. All Rights Reserved.

Memphis Gold (Chester Chandler), Selena McDay, Bobby Parker, and Black Magic (Horace Turner) jamming at Govinda Gallery. Copyright © Fernando Sandoval. All Rights Reserved.

Bobby Parker’s guitar. Copyright © Fernando Sandoval. All Rights Reserved.

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