Lively Dance Party at Halcyon House in Georgetown for Elvis at 21 Photographer Alfred Wertheimer.

by Chris Murray on November 16, 2010

Friday night, October 22nd, Govinda Gallery threw a bash in honor of Alfred Wertheimer and his Elvis at 21 exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, which opened the next day. The Govinda party featured the amazing rockabilly band J.P. McDermott and The Western Bop, as well as the soulful sounds of Adrian Loving the D.J. Wertheimer arrived with documentary film maker Spiro Carras, as his photographs of Elvis were being projected onto the walls of Halcyon House. Washington artist Carlotta Hester, who had just returned from a summer creating a series of drawings documenting The All Ireland Music Festival, greeted Irish Ambassador and Mrs. Michael Collins when they arrived. Leslie and Andrew Cockburn joined the celebration with Andrew wearing his blue suede shoes. When Nancy Pelosi arrived on the scene with her friends Alicia and Vince Wolfington, and Rita Meyer, the party went into high gear. NPR’s Jean Cochran, a big collector of Wertheimer’s Elvis photos, danced the night away. Check out the coverage of the party in the current issue of The Georgetowner.

The Georgetowner, page 28, November 3rd, 2010.

Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray invited the photographer everyone’s talking about,Vivienne Foster, to set up a photo studio at the party to document the evening. Here are a few portraits from the party. A ‘photo album’ with all of the portraits is being compiled, which we will post soon in a blog entry of its own.

Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray with Speaker of The House, The Honorable Nancy Pelosi and Photographer Alfred Wertheimer. Copyright © Vivienne Foster. All Rights Reserved.

National Public Radio’s Jean Cochran. Copyright © Vivienne Foster. All Rights Reserved.

Project Director, Elvis at 21, Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Services Marquette Folley, and Adrian Loving, The D.J. Copyright © Vivienne Foster. All Rights Reserved.

J.P. McDermott of The Western Bop Rockabilly band. Copyright © Vivienne Foster. All Rights Reserved.

Freer/Sackler Curator Carol Huh and Sculptor John Dreyfuss. Copyright © Vivienne Foster. All Rights Reserved.

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